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Fish Species


SteelheadSteelhead return to the rivers of the Whistler area in late January through May. Considered by many to be one of the top sport fish in the world, no fish can match their fighting power and endurance. Whistler has trophy steelhead exceeding twenty pounds.


TroutBoth rainbow and cutthroat trout are plentiful in the lakes and rivers of the Whistler area. These fish provide year-round angling opportunities and their pound for pound fight makes a trout outing very worthwhile. Almost all the trout in the rivers of the valley are wild and have beautiful markings. Brook trout can be found in a few of the lakes and grow very large to four pounds.

Dolly Varden Char

Dolly Varden CharDolly Varden are aggressive and when hooked quickly, try to bulldog their way to the bottom and away from the shore. These fish have beautiful markings can grown in excess of six pounds and also provide year-round angling opportunities. Recent catch and release regulations have helped "Dollies" return to sizable numbers.  


SalmonChinook are the largest of the salmon family growing in excess of forty pounds. Also named spring salmon, they enter the rivers as early as March through to spawning season in September. An aggressive fish, the Chinook is known for long, powerful runs and strong fights.

Coho with their silver color are one of the most playful salmon. They enter the rivers in September with the peak run coming in October and November. This fish is well known for its acrobatic fight and grow in excess of ten pounds. 

Chum return in large numbers providing fantastic opportunity for constant action with fighting characteristics of frenzied proportions. These fish are found in the rivers from September to November. Chum salmon average ten to fourteen pounds. 

Pinks are the smallest of the salmon family. These fish enter the river system every two years. Pink average two to five pounds and true to their names are attracted to flies and lures of pink colors. Their run is  August to late September. 

Sockeyes return in late August to late September providing a bonanza for anglers of all abilities with their exciting aerial acrobatics and strong battles. Sockeyes average eight to twelve pounds. 

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